That is our mission. To provide you with tools, knowledge and products to help you enjoy your life and manage your health.

Purple Orchid was founded in 2013 with an ethos that is all about supporting you to live in better health. Life expectancy is extending so we are all making choices today which affect our long-term health and therefore happiness.

Good health is a gift that is taken for granted until something happens that takes it away from you or someone close to you. Being well informed affects the choices we make every day, whether it’s to have one too many sweet treats, go for a walk or an exercise class, or take one treatment rather than another.

We choose to offer niche products which fulfil your needs in ways that have been clinically proven to work in harmony with your body. You can use them at home, with support from your healthcare providers where needed.

Self-care is important because it feels good to be contributing to your wellbeing and having some control over your body and symptoms, instead of your condition controlling the way you live your life.

Got any questions? Get in touch on 0844 415 2420 or info@purpleorchidhealth.co.uk.